A Brief Profile The Region

Asansol Durgapur Planning Area is a part of the Burdwan District which extends 87o10' E to 87o20' E longitude and 23o88' N to 23o36' N latitude. The area is bounded on the north by river Ajoy followed by Birbhum District of West Bengal, on the east by the rural block of Kanksa , on the south by the river Damodar and Bankura and Purulia Districts, and on the west by river Damodar demarking the state border with Jharkhand. 


i. Salanpur Development Block 
ii. Jamuria Development Block
iii. Barabani Development Block
iv. Raniganj Development Block
i. Andal Development Block
ii. Pandabeshwar Development Block
iii. Durgapur-Faridpur Development Block
iv. Kanksa Development Block

Police Station

On and from 01.09.2011 Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate had been created by bifurcating the existing Burdwan Police District into Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate & Burdwan Police District. The entire region of ADPA comes under the newly formed Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate. The following are the Police Stations in its jurisdiction 

Asansol (South) PS 
Asansol (North) PS 
Kulti PS Salanpur PS 
Chittaranjan PS 
Baraboni PS 
Raniganj PS 
Hirapur PS 
Jamuria PS 
Durgapur PS 
New Township PS 
Cokoven PS 
Andal PS 
Faridpur PS 
Pandabeswar PS

The Asansol Urban Area comprises of two Municipal Corporation and three Municipalities as illustrated below:

Number of Wards —43, 
City Centre Durgapur 713 216, Bardhaman, West Bengal 

Number of Wards — 50 
Station Road, Asansol -713 301, Bardhaman West Bengal
Ntunber of Wards — 22 
Jamuria, PS — Janntria, Bardhaman West Bengal 

Number of Wards — 21 
P 0 - Raniganj, Bardhaman, West Bengal

Number of Wards —35
PO - Sitarampur Niamatpur, Bardhaman, West Bengal 

Population figures from latest Census figures of 2011

The Asansol Durgapur Urban Area has been experiencing high growth in population and the region now has a population of 14,99,347 out of the total population of Asansol Durgapur Planning Area of 25,52,781 (2001 census) thus accounting for nearly 60% of the population. The major concentration is in the urban centers of Asansol and Durgapur, along with Raniganj, Kulti and Jamuria. All the cities have experienced high population growth and are also expected to continue to experience such growth. 

Table of Population break-up

Climate of the Region

This area experiences a climate, which is transitional between CWg3 and AW1 types (C = Warm temperature rainy climates with mild winter, W = Dry winter and less rain, g3 = Eastern Ganges type of temperature trend and AW1 = Indicates tropical climate).

The Range of temperature and rainfall is as below: Maximum Temperature during summer: 44 Degree Centigrade
Minimum Temperature during the winter: 5 Degree Centigrade.
Average Rainfall in the area: 1408mm.

Soil Profile of the Region

The Burdwan region is blessed with various types of soils like Red and Yellow Ultisols, Lateritic Ultisols, Alfisols Older Alluvium, Entisols Younger Alluvium. The entire Western region has Red and Yellow Ultisols soil whereas Entisols Younger Alluvium Soil is found in the entire eastern region. Central region is blessed with a mixture of Lateritic Ultisols soil and Alfisols Older Alluvium soil. However, The Asansol Durgapur Planning Area has only Red and Yellow Ultisols soil so industrialization is the prime objective in the region.