Telephone Directory

In order to jointly oversee the activities of the organization, to set policies, standards & objectives, approving budgets and procedures for the association, the esteemed leaders of ADDA work tirelessly to perform their fiduciary obligations with utmost care and loyalty. The elected delegates from different fields of expertise provide advice and counsel on a broad range of policies and operational matters of ADDA.

ADDA Ofice No.
  Chairman 2545793
  Chief Executive Officer 2546889
  Assistant Executive Officer (A) 2549018
  C.A. 2546815/2546716/Ex-202
  P.I.C. 2546815/2546716/Ex-103
  Assistant Executive Officer (A) 2546815/2546716/Ex-101
  E.E. 2546815/2546716/Ex-102
  F.O. 2546815/2546716/Ex-109
  Sr. Acclion 2546815/2546716/Ex-108
  Cashier 2546815/2546716/Ex-110
  Engineering Section 2546815/2546716/Ex-115
  Land Section 2546815/2546716/Ex-112
  P.I.C. 2546815/2546716/Ex-103
  Officer on Special Duty (Engineer) 2546815/2546716/Ex-116
  Officer on Special Duty (Electricity) 2546815/2546716/Ex-104
  Township Section 2546815/2546716/Ex-113
  Electrical Engineer 2546815/2546716/Ex-117
  J.N.U.R.M 2546815/2546716/Ex-118
  H.A. 2546815/2546716/Ex-107
  Guest House, ADDA, Durgapur 2546816
  Burdwan STD-0343  
  Addl District Magistrate (Genl.) 2562364
  Addl District Magistrate (Gev. & Zilla Parisad) 2563335/2563356
  Addl District Magistrate (LA) 2562443
  Addl District Magistrate (Z.P.) 2562400
  Asansol STD - 0341, P.B.X. No. 203111-14  
  A.D.M., Asansol 253111
  S.D.O., Asansol P.B.X. No. 253245 252222
  Asansol Corporation 252491/252219
  Divl. Rly. Manager, Asansol 252319
  Chief Executive Officer, ADDA, P.B.X. No. 2546815 2546889
  Chief Executive Officer, Asansol 203004/202242
  Chief Executive Officer, DMC 2545842/2546107
  Mayor, DMC 2545828
Office of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Durgapur Sub-Divisional Officer, Durgapur 2545141/2546105
  Treasury Officer 2546684
All Block Development Offices Durgapur-Faridpur Block 670600
  Andal Block Office 373448
  Kanska Block 2524269/524504
  Golshi-1, Bud Bud 512244
Railway Station, Durgapur Railway Enquiry 2557251
  Superintendent, Durgapur Railway 2557253-52
Police Department Addl. S.P., Durgapur 2562762
  SDPO, Durgapur 2564067
Guest House Durgapur House 2564203
  D.P.L. Guest House 2555066
  ADDA Guest House 2546816
Engineering Department Ex. Engineer, Agri, Burdwan 2562219
  Agri Electrical SAE, S.K. Chatterjee 2546434
  Ex. Eng. Agri, Mach, Burdwan, A.P. Choudhury 25462219
  Asstt. Eng. NH 2556364
  DGP Station to Barrage & Muchipara AE, PWD 2555150